Another Earth

First, let me start off by saying that this is the prettiest you'll ever see Brit Marling in this film because for the next hour and thirty, life pretty much punches her square in the brain and steals her mirror. Secondly, this is not a sci-fi film by any means. Earth 2 is visible right from the start, but just sits there, looking down at us like we're having a damn staring contest. In fact, Earth 2 is a dick (you'll realize this within the first 10 minutes).

William Mapother known to play the creepy culprit on most TV police dramas still plays a creep but with reason as he stars opposite of Brit M. Just a reminder, this is an indie flick, which means you can expect it not to have a happy ending. Not saying it's a Requiem For a Dream, but let's just say Adele's "Someone Like You" could play throughout the whole film.

IMDB: 7.0
STOCKBOY: You can afford to take bathroom breaks, send a few texts and check your email


SportySpice said...

the only way iam watching this thing is IF i happened to be in my buddy's house, we have nothing to do and it's almost over and he just fills me on what i missed in under 30 sec...and that's a big IF

Anonymous said...

Are you guys coming back with the blog or what? Enjoyed it while it lasted and was hoping for more.